Friday, March 21, 2014

Smell a rat? Of course you don't :P

There's this general belief that prolonged exposure to our dear beloved Sun messes the head, maybe that's what has happened to me. No, I don't think I was dropped on the head as a baby, in case you're wondering, Bertie ;)

Anyway, to the actual post :

I seem to have grown "braver" ;) 

First things first - there have been a few rats running about in our lab, and we've been trying to get rid of them. We've been using a trap, and releasing the rats far away from our labs (though sometimes they end up being eaten by the cats around). 

And so, yesterday, I found a rat scuttling around the lab, and was talking to JJ about it. He then showed me the rat trap and we brought it into it. Later, JES came by and set it up properly, with a piece of carrot as bait. And when we came back from lunch, NW & I found a big fat inside the trap. She wanted to put the trap outside, while I was trying to see if the latch was secure enough, to prevent the rat from escaping on the way. I finally took some paper and rolled it to make an impromptu lock, and each time I tried to check if it was thick enough to secure the latch, I could see the rat moving about inside. But being the brave girl that I am ( ;) ), I managed to secure the lock, and NW dragged it outside (I was giving her moral support :P ). I don't know what happened to the rat, but a little while later, I found another little one scuttling around - why, it even kept darting up to my table and back! 

With neither JES nor JJ around, yours (brave) truly decided (!!!) that the time had come for her to set the trap. And so, I put in another piece of carrot as bait, the way I'd seen JES do. And after a few minutes of examining the "contraption/apparatus" (yes, I studied science ;) ), I figured out what had to be done, and then proceeded to wait for the rat to be trapped. (All the while marveling at how I'd learnt yet another 'mechanical' task and was willing to get down and do things, even if they involved getting my hands dirty!)

When NW left, I went along with her, and the rest of the evening just passed by. In the morning, I reached the lab (early, after ages!), and what do I find? The bait gone, but the trap still open :P

So much for my rat-trapping abilities... Maybe I should just try going the Pied Piper route :P

Sigh! Such bravery, to no avail... Such is life...

P.S.: I didn't really have much to write about, but reading BK's blog suddenly made me feel that I should be writing as well, and this is the result.

P.P.S. : I hope there is at least one soul in this extremely populated planet who finds the title funny/amusing, at least half as much as I do.

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