Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A million thank you's

Thank you, my dear horn-happy drivers. As if it isn't hard enough trying to follow the lyrics of songs (what else  can one do on long journeys?), your constant honking makes my journeys so much more pleasant.

Thank you, owners of vehicles-with-emissions-clouding-the-air, I'm pretty sure the city (and all its citizens) appreciate and welcome your invaluable contribution to the already-polluted air everywhere. Keep up the good work!

And thank you, dear people who come on the wrong side of the way. We feel we're on cloud nine each time you look at us so lovingly because we're blocking your path.Your pleasantries when we block your path (unwittingly, as we continue to believe we're going the right way!) are like music to the ears. If you had been going the right way, we'd have given you the right of way for sure.

To those who think all the world's their spittoon, where would we be without you? What would happen to the Earth who's just waiting with a tar-lined bowl to receive your spit? How monochromatic the roads would be, without your red and yellow tobacco and mucus-filled spit adding colour to them... You deserve our heartfelt gratitude!

And before I forget, my sincerest thanks to all you wonderful selfless souls who wish to share your music with everyone in the bus (the one you are in, and the ones far behind)... If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have enjoyed high-pitched screaming at even higher volumes. We might not have even gotten those migraines and headaches... Thanks for saving us from such disaster.

Thanks to all these splendid people, for helping us live life to the maximum (a maximum reduced by thier consistent efforts). We are indeed eternally grateful to you (though eternity just got shorter, thanks to you!)

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